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Last Updated: Sep.16th 2020

BuildaWebsite101 is a free resource for anyone looking for information on how to build there own website. Maintaining this site takes time, money and work hours so to help offset the cost we earn commissions on some of the products we recommend.

Our ratings are based on our subjective opinion and a ranking methodology that takes into account the features, market share, reputation and compensation paid to us and brand awareness of the general public. The fact that we list companies on our site DOES NOT imply company endorsement.

If you purchase web hosting, domain or website builder services through our referral links we earn a commission:

Web Hosting:

* Bluehost

* Hostgator

* Hostinger

* Flywheel

Although we have found the products we recommend useful, we also encourage you to educate yourself on the various companies and to come to your own unbiased opinion.

We hope that you that you find the information on this site and appreciate your support!

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