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Our Story and Our Misson

I founded BuildAWebsite101 in late 2019 as a way to give back to the digital community. If you could really trace back the beginnings of this site I would say that it all began in the summer of 2013. 

I was a total beginner when it came to building websites and over the previous few months had painstakenly built a WordPress site for the supplement company that I owned. The last step was to integrate WooCommerce on the site so I could take payments and sell supplements directly from the site.

Boy, was I in for a long summer…

I spent more than half the summer that year just trying to integrate WooCommerce with the page builder I was using at the time. Nothing seemed to work, the plugins were totally conflicted and I wasted countless summer nights behind my computer with bloodshot eyes trying to make it work…

Well, that was then and this is now. I’ve spend the better part of the last decade building the sites for my companies, growing them on Amazon and finally selling them in February of this year. I now work as an SEO Analyst at one of the top content marketing agencies in the country and spend my free time helping people build their presence online. 

It feels good to be able to share some of the hard won lessons I’ve learned and I hope that you find BuildAWebsite101 to be a helpful resource as you grow your presence online. Feel free to poke around the site and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two!


Kelsey Greer


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